Seasons Are Changing & So Is the Evolve Marketing Team!

Evolve Marketing welcomes new team members Randal, Mallory, and Racquel.
By Todd BertschSep 12, 2022

As the seasons are changing, so is Evolve Marketing! We’ve grown exponentially and added three new members to our team over the past few months.

Meet Mallory Smart, Graphic Designer

Welcome Mallory Smart - Graphic Designer

Mallory, nicknamed “The Seeker,” is always seeking out new information, creative solutions, trends, and techniques to form an expanded perspective to execute strong, impactful work. Mallory’s interest in graphic design first started in high school. Her favorite part of graphic design is seeing the designs that she works on come to life. Mallory says, “It’s a rewarding feeling to see the designs I’ve created out in the real world being enjoyed and serving their purpose to help and guide users.”

Over the past couple of months, Mallory has assisted and contributed to various projects. “I’m so happy to have joined the team at Evolve. I’ve really appreciated the opportunities I’ve had so far to grow as a graphic designer and am excited to keep learning and creating together!”

In Mallory’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, bike riding, creating hand lettering and illustration designs, and thrifting/antique shopping.

Meet Racquel Conrad, Digital Marketing Strategist

Welcome Racquel Conrad

Racquel, also known as “The Undertaker,” tends to undertake a lot of responsibility. She not only has six kids at home and works full time, but she is also working towards achieving her master’s degree in digital marketing. Racquel strategizes by using a unique blend of tactical and systematic processes to create a data-driven approach with a creative spin. With over four years of experience in the marketing industry, Racquel is able to share her expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click campaigns (PPC) with the digital marketing team.

“I am so thankful to be a part of Evolve and to work with a group of people who genuinely love what they do,” Racquel says. “I have not only learned so much already from the team, but also each day I am encouraged to share my voice and ideas as well.”

In her free time, Racquel enjoys spending quality time with her family by camping, watching new movies, and playing video games together.  

Meet Randal Pope, Web Developer

Welcome Randal Pope - Web Developer

Randal, referred to as “The Problem Solver,” has an inquisitive brain and ardently enjoys deconstructing complex problems into easy-to-understand solutions. Randal’s interest in custom web development was first sparked while customizing his Myspace profile, which at the time was the pinnacle of self-expression. He shares that being a part of an industry that demands constant progression and attention to the future is an honor, but it feels very natural to him. His favorite part of web development is that the journey is not over yet; there will always be more new and exciting things to come!

Randal shares, “I can’t imagine landing in a better environment than Evolve Marketing. I witnessed that this organization sticks to its values and has a commitment to excellence and growth. Evolve is a space where I feel that I can thrive and do my best work.”

In his free time, Randal enjoys reading, history, arts & crafts, gardening, house plants, and staying up to date with the latest Marvel shows and movies.

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