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Are you looking for more than just another job? If so, Evolve could be that perfect fit.


At Evolve, you can expect a relaxed environment that fosters creative thinking, strategic planning, and solutions for a diverse range of clients and industries, much of which has a direct impact on our community. Don’t see any openings at the moment? We'd still love to hear from you. In the meantime, meet our team or learn more about our “why”.


SEO Strategist


  • "Evolve has provided me with the ideal atmosphere for both personal and professional growth. The small size of the growing company has allowed for easy collaboration and exposure to a wide variety of projects, clients and skillsets. My journey at Evolve began in web design, lead to project management and ultimately lead me back to my design roots in my newest role as Creative Director. I’m thrilled to take on this new responsibility using everything I’ve learned from my previous roles, talented team members and mentorship from Todd Bertsch."
    Kiersten Traboulsi - Creative Director at Evolve Marketing


    Creative Director
    9 years with Evolve
  • "I followed Evolve for a long time on social media before working here. I was always envious of the work-life balance they seemed to offer and the awesome clients they work with in the Akron area.

    I love working at Evolve because I can totally be myself around the team. We have great friendships and it makes work fun! I also love the trust and freedom we have at Evolve that allows us to be creative and innovative."
    Colton Jones - Digital Marketing Specialist at Evolve Marketing


    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • “Working at Evolve is a dream come true for me, honestly. I knew I was making the right decision when I joined this team, but I had no idea just how impactful it would be. People often ask me what it’s like and I tell them I get to work with a team of top-notch people and alongside a mentor who values, trusts, and encourages me every day.

    Todd has given me the opportunity to be a leader and he truly leads by example. Getting to apply my past experience, continually learn from him and my amazing team, do meaningful work for our clients and contribute to the community is incredibly rewarding. On top of that, it’s an honor to be trusted with helping him grow the business and see it reach the next level of his vision.”
    Sierra Guterba - Digital Marketing Manager at Evolve Marketing


    Digital Marketing Manager
  • "I love that we each have a voice and our opinions and ideas are valued. I love the ability to collaborate on projects and feel that we bring out the best in each other. I truly value the partnerships I get to be a part of. It's fun, exciting and I have a great sense of pride in seeing our work come to fruition and garner positive results."
    Malinda Shean - Lead PPC Strategist at Evolve Marketing


    Lead PPC Strategist
    6 years with Evolve
  • “I love the all for one, one for all mentality at Evolve. We are a team, happy to support one another and support new ideas. The workspace is collaborative, constructive, and fun. Foosball breaks are always welcome!”
    Donny Rambacher - Digital Graphic Designer at Evolve Marketing


    Digital Graphic Designer
  • "I saw the potential of growth here at Evolve and I wanted to be a part of it. Evolve had a track record of excellent work for great clients, who wouldn’t want to work at an agency like that? All companies say they want to be “transparent,” but Evolve and its leadership really are. Accountability starts with leadership and is expected with each team member. We work hard and have fun!"
    Jennifer Kieffer - Website Project Manager at Evolve Marketing


    Website Project Manager
  • "Evolve is a close-knit family and when I came in, they all welcomed me as their own. There’s a great sense of humor among everyone and a strong camaraderie where everyone supports each other. I love that at Evolve, your opinions matter. Not only are they heard, but are implemented with Evolve’s current process."
    Alex Franco - Web Developer at Evolve Marketing


    Web Developer
  • "From the very first meeting, everyone made it clear that there is a work-life balance at Evolve. That was essential to me as I stayed home with our girls for 11 years, and worked part-time for another 4 years and did not want to lose the family dynamic my husband and I worked so hard to achieve over the years when I started working full-time again."
    Katie Conaway - Content Specialist at Evolve Marketing


    Content Specialist


These are the operating philosophies that guide our day-to-day interactions with each other, clients, partners, and vendors. At Evolve, we have heart.
Evolve Core Values
Evolve Core Value - Honesty
Evolve Core Value - Excellence
Evolve Core Value - Accountability
Evolve Core Value - Respect
Evolve Core Value - Trust

Life at Evolve. Join our Family.

In our 100-year-old mansion you'll get to work in an environment that inspires creativity and collaboration every day, all while working with some of the best people in the industry. Oh, and we like to have some fun too. Between patio cookouts, holiday parties, fundraiser events and more, we look forward to spending quality time outside of work.
The Evolve Marketing Team masked upfront view of buildingTodd enjoying holiday giftColton & Alex strike a poseWolf Creek Winery PRSA eventKiersten & Colton showing off new promo itemsJenn bowling a strikeTwo artsy green chairs
Sierra & Kiersten taking a selfieKiersten and DonnyJenn and Katie decorating fireplace mantelTodd and Donny at SMP eventJenn with dogColton & Alex try to take down our treeEvolve Promo Items
Todd and MalindaRaise a pint of Guinnessfoosball tableDM Team photo oppJenn & Donny strike a poseAkron Glass team eventSierra and Todd at Stewart's Butterfly Galaconference room big screen view
Developing strategies. Designing experiences.

Driving growth.

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