Summit Metro Parks

Inspiring People to Connect with Nature
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Summit Metro Parks conserves and sustainably manages natural resources for the health and enjoyment of our community. They strive to inspire people to connect with nature through clean and safe parks. Together with their team, we refreshed their website, created seasonal PPC campaigns, and developed reporting to be shared with board members.
Summit Metro Parks Website

Guiding People to Connect with Nature

We designed and developed a modern, mobile-friendly site featuring the amazing parks system, using fresh new photos to capture the great outdoors. An updated site infrastructure helps guide a user’s experience based on what they’re exploring.

All About the Metro Parks

Love to bike or looking for a fitness trail? Are you exploring a difficult trail of over two miles? Or maybe you need pet-friendly amenities and picnic tables for an afternoon lunch break. Whatever your needs are for the day, our custom developed park finder and park pages have you covered.

Find the Best Park for You

To design and build the park finder that exists today, we extensively reviewed user interaction. Visitors can easily navigate through check boxes and choose the trail type, trail difficulty, activities, and available amenities. Based on the items selected, the parks that match will be displayed in the search results.

Connecting People with the Parks

Whether you’re looking to explore Freedom Trail or Firestone Metro Park, each park page beautifully displays the address, hours, activities, and amenities for each area of the park and includes a detailed map with icons depicting restrooms, picnic sites, activities, and more!

Campaigns That Bring Nature to You

Cohesively branded seasonal PPC campaigns have increased traffic, engagement, and conversions for the Summit Metro Parks. Their annual sprees and other timely campaigns maintain consistent messaging with social media, offline branding, and marketing efforts.

Summit Metro Parks Display Ads in various sizesSummit Metro Parks Display Ads

Go Take a Hike

The annual Fall Hiking Spree is the largest and longest-running event of its kind in the nation. Consistent brand messaging between offline, social, and pay-per-click are extremely important. The goal for the Fall Hiking Spree digital campaign is to increase involvement from younger families and become an annual tradition for years to come. Year over year engagement, reach, and conversions continue to increase.

Summit Metro Parks Fall Hiking Spree Facebook PPC Ad
Summit Metro Parks Spree for all Facebook PPC ad

Spree for All - Following the Leader

Not to be left in the dust by the Fall Hiking Spree, the Spree for All made its debut in digital marketing in 2018. A smaller scale annual spree that’s open to all ages and abilities, this event takes place in the spring. We focused on beautiful spring imagery and continued the message of connecting with nature in the parks

Award Winning #Campaign

The Summit Metro Parks team cultivated a winning idea when they decided to launch the #MySMPAdventure campaign. We developed a digital marketing plan that unified their social media efforts with strategic placements and targeting on Instagram. We not only increased their Instagram engagement and followers, but they were awarded a 3rd Place award for Marketing Innovation by the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association.

Summit Metro Parks Instagram campaign

Solid Landing for the Fall Hiking Spree

A landing page that shines! Previously the Fall Hiking Spree drove visitors to an event-specific micro site. Keeping in line with the branding of Summit Metro Parks’ main website and the previous micro site, the Hiking Spree morphed into a well laid out landing page within their main site. Conversions increased by over 185% in 2020 when compared to 2019 monthly traffic and by over 746% when compared to 2018 monthly traffic.

Summit Metro Parks Spree for all landing page

It's All in the Details

In-depth reporting and recommendations have been great resources to share with their management team and board members.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Utilizing tools like Crazy Egg allows us to make creative decisions based on user behavior and solid data. Reviewing heat and confetti maps helps us determine how people are engaging with content and where we may need to make subtle changes to continue to improve the user experience.

Summit Metro Parks homepage click map data
Summit Metro Parks Instagram post campaign stats

Staying Afloat in a Sea of Data Points

It’s easy to struggle to comprehend the massive volume of data available when looking at social media. Should you focus on likes, followers, clicks, shares, impressions? Social media reports go beyond simply staying afloat in a sea of social media data points; they organize massive volumes of information and extract valuable, actionable insights. Detailed reporting allows us to make informed content suggestions, develop strategic scheduling, preserve brand voice, create targeted platform strategies, and produce custom social tracking and measurement.

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