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Columbia Chemical

Headquartered in Brunswick, OH, Columbia Chemical has been a world leader in developing surface finishing additives for over 40 years. They specialize in processes ranging from pre-plate to post-plate, passivation, topcoats, finishing aids, and decorative finishing.

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Website Design Features

  • Website redesign & strategy
  • Custom WordPress theme
  • SEO strategy and implementation
  • Promotional banner rotators
  • Custom-developed interactive partner and distributor map
  • Custom-developed product administration
  • Custom-developed technical data table
  • Secure website hosting

Project Goals

The goal of this website redesign was to make product information more useful and easier to find on a website that would be simple for the Columbia Chemical team to maintain. We accomplished this goal in several ways, starting with a strong site map and information architecture.

Users can access products through the categorized navigation, which makes it easy to find the product they need. Links to technical and safety data can be found throughout the site. This content is very important to Columbia Chemical’s audience, which is comprised of distributors, engineers, and electroplaters. Users request access to this data, and once they are given a password, they can view a sortable table of all product information, including downloads. This responsive table is a win-win, as it features all important product information in one convenient place and is easy for the Columbia Chemical team to maintain through our custom-built admin panel.

Since Columbia Chemical is headquartered in Ohio but distributes internationally, we wanted to show their breadth of offerings with two custom-built interactive maps. Users can see the locations for partners and distributors in the U.S., as well as globally. 

The straightforward design of this website allows users to easily digest its technical content. In addition, the custom-built admin panel allows the Columbia Chemical team to regularly maintain their site with ease. Overall, this guarantees the success of the Columbia Chemical website.

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