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Located in Kent, Ohio, Sorbothane, Inc. has manufactured and supplied Sorbothane Comfort and Performance Insoles for over three decades to people of all ages and activity levels. Sorbothane Insoles provide comfort and stability thanks to their unique Sorbothane material, which is scientifically engineered to absorb shock.

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Website Design Features

Project Goals

The Sorbothane Insoles website redesign was an exciting project for us at Evolve Marketing, given our long-standing relationship with Sorbothane. From the very start of this project, we worked closely with the Sorbothane Insoles team to understand their unique product offering and their diverse target audience to create a successful website and digital marketing strategy. The overarching goal of the project was to create brand awareness, gain product interest, and increase sales.

The most unique element of the website design is a custom-developed product finder that allows users to filter through the entire Sorbothane Insoles product lineup via different types of activities, pain types, shoe types, and more. The goal of this custom-built tool was to not only help users find the perfect insole they need, but also to educate them on the many benefits these insoles provide.

Through a strategically targeted digital marketing campaign, we’ve targeted users who are searching for shoe insoles and retargeting them with enticing ads to find a dealer near them. By executing search text ads and pay-per-click campaigns on various social media platforms, we’ve been able to target users in many ways during their buying journey.

Custom-built product pages strike the perfect balance between being visually appealing and informative. These product pages feature 3D illustrations paired with dropdowns that showcase the specific attributes of each insole. We also created a store locator for users to easily find an authorized dealer near them by typing in their zip code.

In the end, we created a successful website that brings in qualified traffic from a strategic digital marketing campaign.

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