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Akron METRO Regional Transit Authority is the public transportation provider for Summit County, Ohio. Each year, Akron METRO RTA transports more than six million passengers to work, school, medical appointments, and some of the best places in town.

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“Evolve proposed a web solution that was unique to METRO’s needs, well-thought-out, and easy on the eyes! They did their homework and it showed. The resulting website is gorgeous, straightforward, and perfectly matched with the social media branding and email marketing customization Evolve created for us.

We’re not sure who’s luckier: the METRO staff that got to work with such a fun, creative and passionate group of professionals, or the riders who get to visit our new website every day! We appreciate so much what you and your team did for us.”

Molly Becker - Akron Metro RTA

Molly Becker

Director of Communications and Marketing
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Website Design Features

  • Website redesign & strategy
  • Usability testing
  • Content management system
  • News Alerts banner rotator
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Custom-developed Google Maps integration
  • Custom-developed route schedule data integration
  • Custom-developed bus advertising simulator
  • Secure website hosting

Project Goals

Since the Evolve Marketing team built the previous Akron METRO RTA website, we have become familiar with the organization, its service areas, its routes and schedules, and its updated branding. Before the redesign, Akron METRO RTA revamped their overall branding aesthetic and logo, for a cleaner and more modern web design. We took cues from these changes, added lively colors to brighten up the website, and made it something that users would be excited to interact with. We also aimed to make the most frequently used parts of the site, like maps and schedules, more accessible and easier to use.

Using Google Maps, we integrated Akron METRO RTA’s seasonal routes with an interactive map, where users can easily choose their routes and view schedules. The route schedule pages allow users to customize the information they receive, by viewing any combination of weekday, weekend, inbound, or outbound schedules.

The new website works perfectly across all browsers and devices, meaning that Akron METRO RTA riders who are on the go have access to the entire site, rather than just a few key pages.

Our long-standing partnership with Akron METRO RTA and knowledge of its services ultimately helped us to design and develop a user-friendly website that represents the company’s brand and mission. Through excellent teamwork, our well-established 4D process, and usability testing with real riders, we were able to create an enhanced experience that we know riders will love using every day.

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