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Akron Parks Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage the community in creating and sustaining vibrant public spaces within the city of Akron. They foster and support neighborhood park advocates by enabling them to meet their goals, partner with the city, and instill a sense of stewardship among park users.

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"Evolve keeps things organized and moving along. They listen, do their research and respond with creative solutions to address diverse ideas and concerns. It's almost always a challenge to work by committee and Evolve expertly managed the process to develop a new logo and website for Akron Parks Collaborative and made sure we all stayed on task to achieve our goals in the timeline we set"

Bridget Ambrisco, Executive Director - Akron Parks Collaborative

Bridget Ambrisco

Executive Director
Akron Parks Collaborative - new logo, business cards and rack card designs

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Project Goals

Akron Parks Collaborative (ACP) is dedicated to protecting Akron’s parks and making them relevant, enjoyable, and accessible for all residents. Its goal is to instill a sense of stewardship for the care and maintenance of community parks because they're a key component of local revitalization and community investment.

Evolve had the honor of not only redesigning ACP’s website, but also creating a custom logo, branding guidelines, and print pieces to help raise awareness of its amazing mission. Our main goal for this website redesign was to communicate the unique value of neighborhood parks to elected officials, key city staff, neighborhood park leaders, and funders.

We reached this goal by incorporating impactful photography and detailed information into clean grid layouts to showcase the organization’s efforts in restoring community parks. We also utilized vibrant new brand colors and graphics, creating a site that feels as welcoming, inclusive, and playful as the parks.

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