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Summit Metro Parks Centennial

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of Summit Metro Parks. With 14,000 acres, including 16 parks, several conservation areas, and more than 150 miles of trails, there is plenty to discover.

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Website Design Features

  • Gold w3 Award Winner
  • Information organization and overall strategy
  • Custom-built interactive timeline
  • Custom website design and development
  • WordPress custom theme
  • Engaging website animations
  • Digital marketing campaign strategy and execution

Project Goals

The Summit Metro Parks Centennial website had two goals: highlight the history of the parks and promote upcoming events that celebrate their landmark achievement. The new website needed to be visually stunning, melding historical imagery with modern web design. Not only did the website design need to look good, but it had to be easy for people to use. By condensing the main navigation to a single button, our design was free to fill the screen and take on a larger-than-life appearance.

Two of the most robust features of this website design are the timeline and tour pages. The challenge of creating a 100-year timeline was to pay homage to every park milestone while not overwhelming the user with a flood of information. To remedy this, the timeline was broken down into digestible chunks. Each year is visually separated from the last with bold colors pulled from the centennial style guide.

The last piece of the puzzle was getting park-goers to celebrate this milestone by hitting the trails themselves. The Centennial Tour is a celebration of the park’s past, present, and future. Visiting all 20 locations entitles travelers to a commemorative leather tag. Our job was to explain the tour logistics and shine a light on every park or trail featured. Dedicating the full screen to each park allowed us to present all helpful information cleanly and consistently for easy navigation.

We are excited to announce that the Summit Metro Parks Centennial website has won a Gold w3 Award in the Cultural Institutions category.

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