What is Remarketing? Does it work?

By Sierra GuterbaJul 26, 2016

Has this face been following you around online? If so, you’re being remarketed to! Remarketing is a type of advertising that can be used to promote companies, products or services. When should you implement a remarketing campaign? Whether you are currently meeting/exceeding your goals or your business has hit a plateau in sales or leads, it’s never a bad time to retarget potential customers. With growing concerns regarding visitor engagement, remarketing offers a highly effective, fairly inexpensive solution for remaining top-of-mind.

What is Remarketing?

Many of us have heard the word “remarketing” before, but what does it actually mean? At Evolve, we define remarketing as the process of advertising to potential customers who have previously visited your website but may not have completed your online marketing goal, whether it is a product sale, internet lead, whitepaper download or other desired, measurable action. We have seen tremendous success with our own remarketing efforts, as well as the efforts of some of our current partners. Are you ready to start reaching your potential customers? Learn how remarketing can work for your business.

Benefits of Remarketing

Access to people

Remarketing gives you the ability to reconnect with potential customers who have visited your site in the past by reintroducing them to your company, product or service through advertising. More importantly, you’ll have the ability to reconnect with them on the sites they use most frequently. Whether you’re using Google, Bing, AdRoll or any other number of platforms, retargeting allows you to reach people on virtually any site that is part of an ad network, from espn.com to weather.com and everything in between.

New ad creation

Remarketing gives you the opportunity to add a new creative voice to your ads using text, image and video to regain the attention of your audience.

Fresh insights

Remarketing allows you to compare new and old data to see if the campaign is engaging visitors and leading to more conversions. 

Strategies for Better Remarketing

Reach all your visitors

To reach your goals, it is essential that all visitors reach your website and see your ads. This means you must understand the behavioral patterns of each potential customer and learn what type of marketing content will influence their return to your site.

Showcase different categories

It is important to create specific ads that showcase a variety of products or services to reach a smaller segmented audience.

Tailor and schedule your ads

Schedule your ads for times when your audience is most likely to see them. Make ads relevant to the audience you are trying to reach by being creative. Keep in mind that the ads should match the look and feel of your site, and include a clear and compelling call-to-action. 

Invest on websites that show results

Flexible bidding and the ability to choose and exclude placements allows you to limit ad spend on websites that aren’t resulting in conversions.

Experiment with multiple lists

Creating different lists based on pages visited, or not visited, will allow you to target visitors based on what part of the funnel they’re in and what products or services they’re interested in. Ads can be tailored and triggered based on which list a visitor becomes a member of.

Why is remarketing so effective?

Remarketing is a great way to ensure your brand stays front and center while increasing conversions. Exposure is essential in improving SEO and converting visitors from potential customers to happy clients. Every time a visitor is exposed to a retargeting ad, your brand gains traction and recognition.

According to kissimetrics.com, remarketing also increases return on investment and leads to better conversion rates, precise targeting and cost-effective branding.

Are you ready to start a remarketing campaign for your business? Evolve Creative Group can help. Contact us today to learn how our online marketing and web design professionals can help you succeed.


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