Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Tips for Advertising on Facebook
By Sierra GuterbaOct 11, 2016

Are you frustrated with advertising on Facebook? While it can seem difficult, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate Facebook advertising:

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Before you begin advertising on Facebook, it’s important to understand Business Manager. Business Manager lets you give employees specific access to the Pages, ad accounts, and apps your business manages, which lets several people work together on the same account. Since your business account isn’t tied to one employee under their personal profile, employees no longer have to friend coworkers or share login credentials for account access. From within the platform, you can assign employees the role of admin or employee. An admin has the ability to change settings in the account, while an employee can only view settings for the business. In addition, Business Manager gives you and anyone working on the account an overview of your Pages’ performance.

If you need to add new users to your Business Manager, it’s quite simple. First, go to the Business Manager settings. Find the people tab, and then click the “Add New People” button at the top of the page. Enter the work email addresses of the people you want to add, and then select the role you would like to assign to them: Business Manager Admin or Business Manager Employee. Lastly, choose which Pages or ad accounts you would like each person to have access to. Choosing the lowest role for each ad account will allow you to maintain permission roles while giving others enough access to do their job. Once you have added users to the account or Page, they will receive an email notification from Facebook. Once they accept the request, the setup is complete. If they don’t receive an email notification, you can send them a link to verify their account.

At Evolve, we’ve found that Facebook doesn’t always send an email, so we’ve had to log in and send the link.

Billing methods: Business Manager makes it easy to pay for ads with different billing methods. Keep in mind that only those assigned the Business Admin roles can add a payment method in Business Manager. Adding one or more payment methods to your Business Manager allows you to quickly create ad accounts. Just make sure you connect your payment method to ads manager, because Business Manager will not automatically add it to your account.

Easily update campaigns: Once you begin using Business Manager, you can simply access the pages you manage and the ad accounts associated with them. This convenient tool puts everything in one place so you don’t have to log in to multiple accounts. This makes it easy for you to update your campaigns and ads through Pages and ad accounts.

Advertising Options on Facebook

When creating an ad on Facebook, it’s important to determine which ad types best match your business objectives. The Facebook Ads Guide is a helpful tool that provides detailed information on the different ads that are available to you. This resource also gives you the image size requirements, pixel limit, and character limit for different ad types, and shows you what the ads will look like when they run on Facebook.

Below is a brief overview of Facebook ad types you can create:

  • Page Like Ads: The objective of this ad type is to increase page likes and brand awareness from possible customers.
  • Page Post Engagement Ads: These ads get more Facebook users to like, see, comment, and share your Page content. Engagement Ads have the added benefit of gaining insight into what customers like to see from you.
  • Website Ads: If you want to funnel your target audience to your website, consider Website Ads. When someone clicks this ad from their newsfeed, you can take the user to the webpage of your choice.
  • Event Response Ads: If your business has an upcoming event, you can use this ad type to increase attendance. You can create an event on your Page or in Facebook’s ad creation tool. When clicked, the event is automatically added to the user’s Facebook calendar.
  • Offer Claim Ads: Encourage customers to take advantage of your special deal or discount with this ad. You can target this ad to Facebook users who already like your Page or extend the offer to reach new customers.
  • Video Views: Create an engaging video to grow your business by targeting the Facebook users most likely to watch your video.
  • Carousel Ads: This ad format allows for a total of 10 images and/or videos, headlines, links, and calls-to-action in a single ad unit. This format makes it easy for anyone who sees your ad to scroll through the carousel cards by swiping or clicking. Multi-product ads let you develop a story that captivates your audience until the story ends, which is great for you and the user.
  • Instagram Ads: If your brand relies heavily on visuals, Instagram ads are an engaging way to reach your target customer. In order to use this feature, you must connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account and use your Business Manager. The same ad can be run on Facebook, Instagram, and any other platform you’ve selected.
  • Local awareness Ads: These geo-targeted ads are a great way for businesses to efficiently reach people near their location. A compelling story is important for any local business, so share interesting facts about your location or why you chose that particular area for your business. Connecting your business to the local community is a great way to reach nearby customers who are loyal to the area and its businesses.
  • Dynamic Ads: Upload your product catalog to Business Manager to create a dynamic ad that appeals to users across devices on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.
  • Lead Ads: This ad type lets you create contact forms for your customers that are pre-populated with the information they’ve already shared on Facebook. Use this ad to reach the people who have an interest in your services.

Facebook Ad Manager

Editing Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads

To edit a Facebook ad:

  1. Go to Ads Manager and find the campaign that includes the ad you would like to edit
  2. Hover over the campaign and click Edit Campaign
  3. Once you are in the campaign section, click Ad
  4. Make the changes to your ad and Save and Close

Facebook Ad Delivery Insights

Use the Delivery Insights tool in Ads Manager to see how your ads are competing at auction. The tool also provides recommendations on how to improve the ads and make them more competitive, which you can then communicate to your team. Delivery Insights identifies ad sets that are under-delivering and provides explanations for why.  For example, if Delivery Insights identifies ad sets that are under-delivering, you can use the tool’s data and recommendations to continue to monitor and update your strategy to improve your ads’ performance.

Facebook Ad Targeting Options

You can target your Facebook ads to reach the demographic most likely to convert. When creating your custom audience, you can choose from the following options:

  1. Location. People often overlook the location targeting options available on Facebook. When creating a campaign, it’s important to use the targeting option that makes the most sense for you and your business, to get the most out of campaigns with location options.
  2. Age, Gender, and Language. These are basic demographics that can make a big difference in your ad spend, so be sure to limit your ad’s reach to only those who will convert.
  3. Behavior. You can select users based on purchase behaviors, purchase intents, devices, and more. This is determined by users’ Facebook activity.
  4. Interests. Like behavior, this is also determined by what Facebook users are connected to, such as Pages and apps.

The Evolving World of Facebook Advertising

Like most online advertising services, Facebook’s ad options are constantly changing and expanding to address the needs of its users in the digital space. As the world’s largest social network with 500 million active users and counting, Facebook advertising is a worthy investment in order to increase brand awareness, leads, and conversions — but only 6% of Facebook Pages are taking advantage.

Staying up-to-date with these changes can be difficult for many companies, but you can stand out from your competitors and reach new customers with assistance from Evolve Creative Group. Our digital marketing team will help you with your Facebook account management by helping your team navigate your Business Manager account and create a compelling strategy, ad copy, and ad creative that align with your objectives.

Contact Evolve Creative Group to learn how our professional digital marketing team can help you.


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