How to Access the All Pages Report in Google Analytics 4

Dark orange GA4 top page report.
By Kristen LauckNov 05, 2022

In Universal Analytics (UA), if you wanted to see which pages on your website were getting the most traffic, you could navigate to the All Pages report by clicking on Behavior in the left side menu, then Site Content, and All Pages. Once you’re viewing the All Pages report, you have the ability to sort by Pageviews, Average Time on Page, and more.

UA reporting interface with red arrows pointing to show how to navigate to the all pages report.

Even though Google Analytics 4 (GA4) doesn’t have a report with the same name, luckily, there is a way to see similar data so you can analyze your most popular web pages.

Pages and Screens Report GA4

To see the most viewed pages on your website or the top pages, you’ll need to navigate to the Pages and screens report. To do this, click Reports in the left-hand menu, then Engagement, then Pages and screens.

GA4 reporting interface with red arrows pointing to show how to navigate to the pages and screens report. Click reports, engagement, then pages and screens.

In UA, the All Pages report listed the pages using their URLs.

In GA4, you can see the pages listed in a variety of ways by selecting the drop-down under the search bar to toggle between Page title and screen class, Page path and screen class, Page title and screen name, or Content group. Select Page path and screen class to view the pages by their URLs.

GA4 pages and screens report with a red box indicating how to change the dimension of the report to see the page title, page path, etc.

The Pages and screens report also shows the following data:

  • Views
  • Users
  • New users
  • Views per user
  • Average engagement time
  • Unique user scrolls
  • Event count
  • Conversions
  • Total revenue

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