How to Access Device, Browser Data in GA4

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By Kristen LauckNov 29, 2022

Universal Analytics (UA) offered reports that allowed you to view and sort user behavior and acquisition data by device category (desktop, mobile, or tablet), devices (phone brand and version), and browser. Luckily, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers the same data in the Tech report.

Follow this step-by-step guide to find the Tech report in GA4.

A screenshot of the GA4 reporting interface with numbered arrows showing how to get to the Tech details report. Click reports, then Tech, then Tech details.
  1. Click Reports in the left navigation panel
  2. Under the section labeled User, click Tech to open the drop-down options
  3. Click Tech details
A screenshot of the Tech details report in GA4 with a red outline to emphasize the report dimension: Browser.

Once in the Tech details report, you’ll notice that the default dimension is Browser. You can click the arrow to switch between dimensions.

The dimension options in the Tech details report include:

  • Browser (default)
  • Device category
  • Device model
  • Screen resolution
  • App version
  • Platform
  • OS version
  • Platform /device category
  • Operating system
  • OS with version

Now you know how to find device information, browser data, and more in the GA4 Tech details report! You can use this data to understand the types of technology your audience is using to access and interact with your content. That way, you can enhance your current content as well as plan for future content. You can also make sure that your website is functioning in all the browsers your audience is using.

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