How to Create a GA4 Landing Page Report

Landing pages reporting interface in Universal Analytics.
By Kristen LauckNov 02, 2022

Universal Analytics had a landing page report that allowed you to see the most popular pages people “landed” on or the first page they saw when they came to your site. Unfortunately, GA4 does not automatically have this report. But don’t worry, we can create it ourselves with GA4’s custom reporting tool.

GA4 reporting navigation.

How to Use Custom Reports to Create a GA4 Landing Page Report

First, navigate to our GA4 account and click on Reports in the left navigation. Then click on the Library folder at the bottom of the reports navigation.

GA4 reports library and where to go to create custom reports.

Next, click on Create new report and then Create detail report. Here you’ll find some templates to start from or the option to start from scratch. For this report, start with the Pages and screens template.

GA4 custom reports template options.
What the pages and screens template looks like and where to click on dimensions.

The loaded template will look like the image below. Now add Landing page + query string as your default dimension. To do so, click on Dimensions in the right navigation.

Adding new dimension in GA4 custom report.

Click Add dimension and scroll down to select Landing page + query string. You can remove all the other dimensions by clicking on the three-dot icon and selecting Remove. If you do not remove the other dimensions, be sure to set the Landing page + query string dimension as the default. And then click Apply.

Where to find the save button on a custom report.

Now click the blue Save… button in the right corner. You can name the report Landing Pages.

How to name your custom report.

Now that you’ve created the report, you need to make it accessible by adding it to your report navigation. Click on Edit Collection in the Life cycle collection.

Where to click to edit the life cycle collection of reports.

In the box titled Drag reports to create collection, search for your report by name. Using the 6 dots, click on Landing pages and drag it over to the Life cycle collection on the left. Add it under the Engagement reports category and then save.

How to drag the landing page report into the life cycle collection.

Now when you go to your Reports navigation, you’ll see the Landing Page report that you just created.

Final view of GA4 landing page report in the navigation.

You did it! You successfully added a Landing Pages report to your GA4 interface. And now that you know how to create custom reports and add them to your navigation panel, you can create all kinds of reports.

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