How to Find the Google Analytics Conversion Report in GA4

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By Racquel ConradNov 26, 2022

In Universal Analytics, you can use the conversions reports to track valuable actions users take on your website, such as submitting a contact form or clicking on the phone number to call. If you have goal conversions set up in your Universal Analytics property view, you can view the goals report by going to Conversions, then Goals, then Overview.

In Google Analytics 4 (GA4), goals are referred to as conversions. Just like in Universal Analytics, conversions require setup and configuration. Once you have your conversions set up, follow this step-by-step guide to view the conversions report.

Navigating the Events and Conversions Reports

Remember, you have to set up and configure events and conversions before you can view data in the conversions report. But don’t worry, we’re here to help set up and configure your new GA 4 property, contact us to learn more.

After you configure your events and conversions, click on Reports and Engagement. Here you will find the Events report and the Conversions report.

Red boxes highlighting how to navigate to the goals report in Universal Analytics.

In the Events report, you can view a complete list of all the recorded events in your GA4 property. You can see how many times each event was triggered in the Event count column. And how many users triggered each event in the Total users column.

Red boxes highlighting how to navigate to the events and conversions reports in GA4.

If you want to see a detailed report on a specific event, you can just click the Event name in the data table.

The Google Analytics 4 Events report.

In the Conversions report, you can view the data for specific events you flagged as conversion points for your website. This GA4 report is the equivalent of the goals report in Universal Analytics.

Viewing a specific event in Google Analytics 4.

Ready to Find More UA Reports in GA4?

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Or contact us today to learn more about our in-depth, 1-on-1 GA4 training sessions so you can navigate GA4 like a pro.

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