The Digital Marketing Team Celebrates Two Promotions

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By Sierra GuterbaFeb 14, 2023

Our team is truly evolving! As we continue to grow and work towards our vision for the future, it is important to recognize the growth within our organization. Evolve is proud and excited to announce Katie Conaway’s promotion to Digital Marketing Supervisor and Kristen Lauck’s promotion to Junior Digital Marketing Strategist.

Katie Conaway Promoted to Digital Marketing Supervisor

Katie started working at Evolve as a Digital Marketing Specialist in October 2019. She gained experience in all aspects of digital marketing, including social media content/strategy, email marketing, web page optimization, and technical SEO best practices and strategy for website redesign projects. As a result, she was promoted to Content Strategist in April 2021.

As a Content Strategist, Katie took on more responsibility, helping to identify and create internal digital marketing practices, monitor search marketing industry changes, and create in-depth content strategies for Evolve clients. She also began mentoring, training, and working closely with not only the Digital Marketers, but also the entire Evolve team to ensure SEO best practices were being accounted for in all aspects our digital service offerings.

In her new role as Digital Marketing Supervisor, Katie will work with Sierra, our Digital Marketing Manager, to support the department and will work more closely with the Digital Marketing team members - mentoring, providing guidance, and ensuring team members meet all client expectations.

“My time at Evolve has really enabled me to evolve both professionally and personally. After being out of the workforce for 11 years raising our two daughters, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to re-enter the workforce in a full-time capacity in a meaningful way. Evolve has helped me not only fit in and contribute to the current workforce but thrive!”

Kristen Lauck Promoted to Junior Digital Marketing Strategist

Kristen started working at Evolve as a Digital Marketing Coordinator in January 2021. In this role, she was eager to grow and learn. She created social media posts, wrote engaging eNews content, helped monitor PPC campaigns, and created and analyzed custom reports for clients. After quickly learning and evolving, she was promoted to Digital Marketing Specialist in January 2022.

Ready to dive into her new position as Digital Marketing Specialist, Kristen continued to further develop her skills and ask thoughtful questions, applying everything she learned along the way to produce meaningful results. She began to work more closely with clients to help them achieve their goals in various ways, whether it was optimizing campaigns, copywriting, or strategizing landing page content. Because of her quick growth and passion for the success of our clients and our team, Kristen has once again been promoted.

In her new role as Junior Digital Marketing Strategist, Kristen will take on more responsibility and ownership, continuing to expand her skills to help our clients and our team grow and flourish.

“Since starting at Evolve two years ago, I almost can’t believe how much I’ve learned. I’m so thankful to work in an environment that encourages and supports growth. As I step into this new role, I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my skills and knowledge, work with great clients, and take on new challenges.”

Working Towards Our Future, and Yours

In their new positions, Katie and Kristen will continue to collaborate with our team and help our clients achieve their goals. The Evolve team congratulates Katie and Kristen on their achievements and we’re very excited to see them both grow and excel in their new roles.

Like Katie and Kristen, the Evolve team is dedicated, hardworking, and prepared for any challenge. Contact us today to see how our team and services can help grow your business.

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