Evolve Celebrates Alex Franco’s Promotion to Web Manager

Congrats! Alex Franco is promoted to Web Manager.
By Todd BertschJun 23, 2021

Alex Franco is being promoted from Web Developer to Web Manager, a true testament to his work ethic and his dedication to all that he does. We’re proud of Alex and are excited to announce his promotion.

Alex Franco Promoted to Web Manager

Franco started at Evolve, funny enough, on April Fool’s Day 2020 as a Web Developer. He started experimenting with web development in high school, creating GeoCities websites with his personal curation of top 5 MTV music videos, which he streamed directly from MTV’s website to his page. He jumped back into web development after career changes with hospitality management and advertising. After freelancing as a web designer and developer, he realized he wanted to work with a team again, and that’s when he found Evolve.

As Web Developer, Franco develops all client websites, both redesigns and new sites, which are all custom coded from the ground up. He listens to clients’ needs and pain points of managing their current website and works to find solutions. He also streamlines current processes and stays up to date on development best practices.

“From day one, I recognized everyone at Evolve is open to collaboration and your voice is heard, which has allowed my succession into this role. I’ve seen where we can improve and everyone on the team has been receptive to my suggested changes. I want to continue to help develop Evolve’s services so that we can offer more to our clients, ensuring the best experience not only for them, but also for their website visitors. I look forward to helping the Evolve Marketing team grow, both team members and the business alike.”

Working Towards our Future, and Yours

In his new role of Web Manager, Franco will oversee the web department and work to develop our services. He will also join the Evolve leadership team, working with Kiersten Traboulsi and Sierra Guterba to help drive business growth. The Evolve team congratulates Alex on his achievement and is excited to see him evolve as our new Web Manager.

Like Alex, the entire Evolve team is constantly striving for excellence and working hard to produce the greatest results possible. Contact us today and let us help you grow your business.

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