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The Evolution of Patio Enclosures' Online Presence
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Patio Enclosures® sunrooms are custom designed and manufactured to meet the individual needs, budget, and lifestyle of their customers. Through monthly PPC campaigns, dedicated SEO strategies, and ongoing digital marketing, we help tell the story of one of the most recognized brands in the sunroom industry, while continuing to garner interest and qualified leads.

A Longstanding Relationship

Since 2011, Patio Enclosures has partnered with Evolve to strategize and implement innovative ideas for web design and digital marketing. Our strategies have resulted in dominating paid and organic search in the sunroom industry for several years. From being at the bottom of the search results at the beginning of our partnership, to now owning the #1 and #2 organic listings for all core keywords, Evolve Marketing continues to deliver effective strategies that have made the authority on sunrooms in Google's algorithms.

It's all About the Qualified Leads

Not all leads are qualified and relevant. Our process of garnering leads that generate conversions involves attracting and converting prospects who have interest in a custom patio enclosure. Our lead generation form continues to evolve to provide a great user experience as well as collect the information needed to convert a lead into a customer.

Goals & Conversions

While a sleek looking website is great for any business, it needs more than that to succeed. Customers are no longer interested in a site that only looks great, they want it to function and be relevant. We continually add new, helpful, and interesting content, giving visitors a reason to return to the Patio Enclosures site.

Let the Numbers Speak

66,966 total Conversions year-to-date
118% increase in total Conversions 2020 vs. 2019
847% increase in total Conversions 2019 vs. 2012 contact form

A Strong Foundation

A sunroom is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. The same is true of your website presence. A beautiful website is not a guarantee to attract and engage visitors. However, superior web design sets a solid foundation for engagement and plays a critical role in making a good first impression on your visitors. Patio Enclosure’s web presence and credibility stem from strong design and structured content; visitors know right away that their business is trustworthy and legitimate. The site is both professional and aesthetically pleasing, but it also loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and is packed full of useful content.

Patio Enclosures - website design

Custom Curated Content

Executing a successful content marketing strategy is the key to effectively engaging with your relevant audience. An important component of this strategy is custom content. We create useful content that will attract new prospects and customers, appeal to Patio Enclosures’ existing audience, and be geared towards improving search engine rankings.

  • Engaging, thought provoking blog posts
  • Beautiful, inspiring photo galleries
  • Custom curated video content
Patio Enclosures - Custom web development sunroom comparison chart

Design Consultation Video

We worked closely with Patio Enclosure’s marketing team to strategize the design consultation video. From concept, storyboarding, and script writing, to on-location filming and editing, our team brought this project to life. The video shows customers exactly what to expect from an in-home consultation, encouraging them to fill out the design consultation form, resulting in a qualified lead.

The Authority on Sunrooms

Patio Enclosures partnered with us to grow their business. One of the best long-term strategies is search engine optimization or SEO. Why is it so effective? SEO allows you to target visitors that are more likely to convert into customers. A well-optimized SEO campaign will help you reach customers that have an active interest in your company, product, or service. SEO shines when it comes to targeting, which means that you will reach people who are likely more interested in your product or service.

  • 135+ ranked, non-branded keywords in top five positions with SERP features in Google. Knowledge panels, Featured snippets, Image packs, & more.
  • 229% increase in new users since 2011
  • 746% increase in conversions since 2011
  • 350+ blog posts written
Patio Enclosures - Photo Gallery Grid - Blog Post on mobile

SEO That is Always Evolving

We not only strive to optimize the SEO campaign, but also to streamline the process. SEO is not a one-and-done deal; it's an ongoing initiative. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so your SEO strategy needs to evolve with it. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest changes with Google, search trends, and more, and apply this to our strategy, adapting as we go.

Continuing to Drive the RIGHT Traffic

To garner targeted traffic and quick, measurable results, Google Ads PPC is one of the strongest digital marketing strategies we’ve implemented for Patio Enclosures. And it’s not just about getting visitors and clicks: the goal is relevant, qualified leads. We work closely with Patio Enclosures and create relevant ads that maintain continuity with their online and offline branding initiatives.

Managing, Testing, Always Evolving PPC

Through managing the Patio Enclosures monthly campaigns and continually testing variations of ads and messaging, PPC remains the quickest way to reach qualified audiences, receive conversions, review the results, and make data-driven recommendations for changes and improvements moving forward. 

  • 70+ active Campaigns
  • ~200 active Ad Groups/month
  • ~3,500 active Keywords/month
  • Average Quality Score of 8
Patio Enclosures Google PPC search text ad
Google analytics sample of goal completions

Strategy & Goals

With a thorough evaluation of the intent, we developed a strategy to track and measure the proper key performance indicators (KPIs). What good is a click on an ad without a measurable lead? We implement conversion tracking codes and goals in Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager. This allows us to see which keywords and ads are converting and which are not.

Copy That Rivals Google

In the time of machine learning, dynamic and responsive ads, our ad copy rivals the copy generated by Google. Typically, our ads have resulted in click through rates 5% higher and conversion rates 2 to 5 times more than the ads generated by Google. We continuously test and evaluate the performance of each KW, headline, and description to improve the CTRs and conversions month over month.

Patio Enclosures Google PPC ad on mobile

Optimizing for the Win

We believe our work is never done when it comes to testing and optimizing. With extensive experience in UI/UX, we work to ensure we meet our goal of providing a seamless user experience with every interaction, from banner ad to website visit, and ultimately scheduling a design consultation.

Monitoring the Experience

We build websites for the people using them, and we believe in keeping our eyes on the user experience. We implement tools that can track visits, clicks, and other behaviors, allowing us to see if elements and pages are providing the intended experience or if there’s potential to make it better. We then work with Patio Enclosures to improve upon the already solid foundation we’ve built together. - Click Map
Patio Enclosures - User Behavior Tracking Click Map

Test. Measure. Learn. Repeat

We never stop learning! We’ll test, make updates to strategy based on captured data, then evaluate to make sure our recommendations are moving the needle. From the homepage to PPC landing pages, we’re constantly utilizing the data and insights we have in order to find opportunities to improve the experience and increase conversions.

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Developing strategies. Designing experiences.

Driving growth.

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