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RAISE Good Jobs for Greater Akron

RAISE Good Jobs for Greater Akron exists to help individuals, employers, and our community move forward – together. RAISE helps employers come into neighborhoods with information, so residents can have access to good jobs and rewarding career opportunities, while also providing support to prepare them for success.

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Project Goals

RAISE Good Jobs for Greater Akron, was born as an elevated career fair. The Evolve Marketing team created the brand’s name, an acronym for their mission (Reach, Access, Inform, Support, & Elevate), a tagline, and a logo, in addition to their website. The initial mission of the website was to spread awareness for an upcoming job fair, but it now serves as a resource for both employers and job seekers alike. We believe in RAISE’s values and the site was created pro bono.

The RAISE logo was created in the style of a badge. Their name is displayed prominently across the center with the tagline surrounding it. The tagline can be broken up and read as “Raise Good Jobs” or elongated to take on a new meaning: “Raise Good Jobs for Greater Akron.” A burst of light displays the brand name as rising off the page and the letter “I” is topped with two mountain peaks, symbolizing a rise above the natural landscape. The bold blue comes forward while the lighter green recedes, allowing users to read the name in the proper order.

The website is clean and direct; bold blocks of color guide users down the page to provide a clear path. Circular images are featured as a nod to the shape of the logo. The site stands as a beacon for anyone looking to improve their standings in life and helps to connect the dots between employee and employer.

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