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Akron Community Foundation helps generous people and companies make their charitable dollars go the furthest for the permanent good of our communities. Their team works closely with trusted advisors to help people give efficiently, effectively, and meaningfully to their favorite causes and charities. Through a brand refresh, website redesign, PPC campaigns, video production, social posts, and print pieces, we continue to help Akron Community Foundation in their commitment to enhance the work of charitable individuals, families, nonprofits, and businesses.

The Evolution of Akron Community Foundation

Change is good! Enriching lives since 1955 and in need of a slight refresh, Akron Community Foundation and their marketing team worked closely alongside us to invigorate their brand. We began with a website redesign and continued into freshened PPC campaigns, landing pages, email, social posts, and print materials. The result is a more modern, approachable feel that encourages people to learn more and take action.

A Refreshed Destination for Charitable Giving Info

From enhanced charitable giving information, to the latest on our grantmaking, to the ability to establish a fund at the click of a button, Akron Community Foundation’s new website is a vibrant destination for charitable individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Akron Community Foundation website design

Easily Accessible Information

With an abundance of information to digest, we created a page infrastructure that was easier to navigate and provided simple, straightforward content about ways to give and up-to-date information about grant processes. Visitors can easily gain access to tools and materials that can be discussed with their families and professional advisors.

No More Mixed Signals

A new email template for announcements and information and a dedicated email newsletter dubbed “The Signal E-News” by our team, a way of paying homage to the signal tree which appears in their logo, both paved the way for continuity between the refreshed website and external communication. The templates maintain brand consistency and allow for information to be easily communicated to their email subscriber lists.

Fulfilling Your Philanthropy - Just a Click Away

The need for an easy way to donate online drove our decision to add an easy-to-use donation  form. Custom development allowed us to build an interactive, secure form right into the new website with drop down menus that guide you through the donation process quickly and easily.

Continuing the Story in Print

We continued the use of Akron Community Foundation’s new branding throughout many print materials, including posters, postcards, a foldout pocket guide, and more, allowing our team of designers to build upon the already strong foundation and introduce additional treatments. These materials have a cohesive feel but  stand out against similar information thanks to the bold colors and unique design.

Donor-Advised Funds Campaign

The goal of this Akron Community Foundation campaign is to educate potential donors about donor-advised funds and how they can support the causes and charities that are important now, while also growing their charitable dollars for the future.

Engaging in Ways to Give

We created engaging video, designed carousel ads, and crafted simple messaging, all with compelling calls-to-action. The PPC ads direct viewers to specific landing pages on the website where they can learn more about donor-advised funds, watch an explainer video, or download supporting materials. These elements work together to help educate visitors so that when they are ready to give, they consider charitable giving options with Akron Community Foundation.

Akron Community Foundation PPC landing page

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

Donor-advised funds streamline your giving through one charitable vehicle, while allowing you to continue giving to the causes you believe in – now or in the future, here or across the country.

But how? And why? Where do I start? These are just a few of the questions that are posed when the subject of donor-advised fund arises. We developed a simplified, animated video that explains what a donor-advised fund is, how it works and how it offers a simplified, flexible, and affordable approach to charity for those who are serious about their charitable giving.

Customized Dashboard Reports

Driven by a desire for streamlined reporting to provide board members with data wrapped around the digital marketing campaigns, Akron Community Foundation requested our help to create and design a custom Google Data Studios Dashboard. Viewing the data quarterly in one easily digestible report allows for quick review of spends, reach, and return on investment.

Akron Community Foundation dashboard reporting
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